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Pharmacy Policy

Our in-house pharmacy has most of the medications the veterinarian will prescribe for your pet, including antibiotics, antihistamines, dewormers, ear medications, eye medications, medicated shampoos, prescription diets, etc. We also have a convenient online pharmacy that delivers medication to your door step.

For your convenience, you may order medications and prescription diets through our online pharmacy and have manufacturer-guaranteed medication sent directly to your home. Additionally, this keeps your veterinarian involved in decisions regarding your pet’s health. As your veterinarians, we have a better understanding of your pet’s medical history and drug interactions.


You may request refills of products we don’t carry at our practice (Comfortis, Advantage, etc.) through our online store.

Visit our Online Pharmacy

For products you normally buy when visiting our office, please click below and fill out our simple form.

Request refills from our office

*Disclaimer regarding other internet pharmacies. We have been advised not to authorize requests directly from other online pharmacies. The reason for this is that many online pharmacies do not receive their products directly from the manufacturer, so we cannot be sure of the source of their products or what measures are taken to ensure their quality. Buying medications from online pharmacies (e.g. 1800-PetMeds, Fosters & Smith, etc.) voids medication of the manufacturer’s guarantee. Ordering directly from the manufacturer not only ensures effectiveness, but also comes with a guarantee that if the medication fails, treatment may be covered by the manufacturer.

However, if you would like to purchase prescription products from an online pharmacy, we will provide you with a written prescription. An original copy of the written prescription must be mailed in to the pharmacy of your choice. Please know that our intention is not to inconvenience you but to ensure the health and safety of our patients.